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Mosquito Meeting '00 Mosquito Meeting '00
Online reportage from Lieksa 29th June - 2nd July 2000

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This is the Mosquito Meeting '00 online reportage that was updated on regular bases during the convention.

Mosquito Meeting '00 is the Nordic Euro Convention for WW2 online flight sim fans. The traditional 6th annual Mosquito Meeting is arranged by VLeLv Icebreakers and it is the oldes existing WarBirds convention, however all WW2 online flight simulator fans are welcome. The MM00 invitation page is archived here.

You can find all (?) of the published MM00 images from a separate MM00 Images-page available here.

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   Day 1 - Thursday 29th June 2000

  Coming from Tampere to MM, the Junkers 52 transport stopped at Central Finland Aviation Museum to hug the old gents. The start of the museum is of course the recently restored P-39 Airacobra. Coming from Tampere to MM, the Junkers 52 transport stopped at Central Finland Aviation Museum to hug the old gents. The start of the museum is of course the recently restored P-39 Airacobra.
Coming from Tampere to MM, the Junkers 52 transport stopped at Central Finland Aviation Museum to hug the old gents. The start of the museum is of course the recently restored P-39 Airacobra. Coming from Tampere to MM, the Junkers 52 transport stopped at Central Finland Aviation Museum to hug the old gents. The start of the museum is of course the recently restored P-39 Airacobra.
It is very warm but cloudy in Helsinki before we start our journey to the MM00 site. The weatherman reports almost +30°c and thunder stroms in the Eastern Finland, MM00 area. Lets hope that we do beter with the networking that in MM99. Images and more text will be availabe "soon", it is 6 hours drive from Helsinki... ;-)

And the road is long... Day 1 - Thu 29th Jun 2000 Day 1 - Thu 29th Jun 2000 And it was sauna time. Rudy, My, Ok and Mr. Unknown.
Neck was flying too long inverted and his bus started pulling some smoke... 
Enroute to the MM00 site Neck was flying too long inverted and his bus started pulling some smoke...
But we got there. Scanian Griffins arrived too with their flying vehicle. Some people just need attention for their arrival ...and then we did several loops after the immelman... Ok had built a 10 hours worth Brewster Korben, Rudu and munin came with a chopper... Day 1 - Thu 29th Jun 2000 Day 1 - Thu 29th Jun 2000

After the beer facilities were succesfully setup most of the con goers went to a serious sauna session while some of us were working on the networking. The network was up and running at about 03:00 am (Fri) so no problems there!

Day 2 - Friday 30th June 2000

  StuBit showing the local deodorant More details of the essential deodorant
The local deodorant has a stinging aroma and it does not attract females willing to suck. Suprisingly all of the attendees are pouring this stuff on them like there was no tomorrow!
The first full day of the con opened up sunny and very hot. Today we can expect some serious action in the virtual skyes, later on we will also upload some images from the chopper action...

Zomb and Grendel are pouring beer Pjk and a serious Revognah Food coming up... Kossu at his best Day 2 Day 2 - Early morning Day 2 - Early morning Furious killing going on

It is way too hot for most computers so most covers are stripped to keep them running. Unfortunately the hot weather (+35°c or so, could be 95°F) is not keeping the mosquitoes downed... In the heat of the battle we were hinted about the Pelit-lehti ( comments on our modest convention. Does the pope have a funny hat? Does the Pinochio have wooden balls? Do we have enough of Flakpanzer Oil? Whatever, also eDome ( noted us...

  MM00 site from the lake. See also MM99 site at the shore! MM00 site from the air
The Mosquito Meeting '00 (and '99) site seen from the air. If you look really hard you can see con goers taking a red field at the main arena...!
Hovering above the MM00 site Day 2 - Fri 30th Jun 2000 Day 2 - Fri 30th Jun 2000 The chopper Day 2 - Action Happy con goers

As promiced the second convention day saw some serious chopper action! All who wanted got a sightseeing ride from a nearby airport, and a mouthfull of sand that was happily spread around by Korben in his Bell JetRanger 206.

Oh no, he spilled it. Aino (Moosefly) looks shocked. Lucky winner gets a price Competition in progress Competition kites Day 2 - Fri 30th Jun 2000 Prizes distribution Day 2 - Evening Sauna action! Early morning? 01:00am Day 2 - Fri 30th Jun 2000

Model planes competition in the lenght was fearce and loooong. The aerobatics competition was won by Kossu, Grendel being second (again) and then Cosmo and Stubit. Glamorous prizes were given away. And after a hard days work what do you expect us to do...? Sauna all night long!

Day 3 - Saturday 1st July 2000

  Grendel and Lart fixing the food See the knife works
Some food is also needed even though most of us seem to be convinced about the nutritious effects of the Flakpanzer Oil.
Another casualty lost for Revognah See how the stick is attached Too hot to play Some of us are taking sun... Minor fixing as usual Is Hakkinen winning? The beer facilities

The third day opened up as hot as the previous days. Most of the party animals were awake by noon and another heavy sessions of aerial combat were fired up.

Vman is checking the birds attending the wedding Rudu is taking Kossu down Rudu had a date with the mosquitoes... Checking the scenery and general bullshitting Rudu in the duel final, note the rubber duck Final duel scores Rudu collecting his prizes Day 3 - Sat 1st Jul 2000 Mosquito Meeting '00 - Did we have fun? The official MM00 picture Another official MM00 picture - Big and good quality this time

  ...and then I was making a split roll and... ...let him roll... ...and shoot at d0.2, kill...
Puujiikoo was giving lessons on aerial combat that no-one in the room could avoid following. Especially the shooting solution descriptions resulted applauds in the audience...
Fearce fighting in the head to head duel lead to a Swedish surprise (?) win, Rudu downed us all. The all time MM## duel champion Cosmo was taken down by Rudu in the first round... Whatever, Kossu kept up the Ice flag and Zombie and Kynkky were good third and fourth in the competition. The bomber duel is still going on... While most of the guys were concentrating on the H2H duel some of us spotted some birds in the yard as a local wedding party was launched.

Grendel just had to try those pervert glassed of Kossu Big noise from the con action rooms Day 3 - Saturday Buff duel scores
Cosmo in FPO... Maybe we did give Cosmo a bit too much FPO after all... Cosmo was giving up in saturday evening, so first Lart stepped up the "Cosmo, take some FPO" campaign. After some time we were rather successful getting him dead drunk. He was later spotted crawling towards his bed so Grendel came to the rescue and brought Cosmo back and filled him with more FlakPanzer Oil. Then Lart & Grendel continued the filling operation and succeeded in most marvellous way. Cosmo was so stoned, oh, so stoned. FOr the whole RTB from MM he just layed down in the Ju-52 transport floor...  
Anti mosquito smoke devices Con mission, Ju87 G air combat Day 3 - Saturday Aino has a smart moment while other admire Lunch Kossu is taking an involuntary nap... Backup internet connection hardware

The last evening of the con saw a few organized (?) con missions, first one lead 15 or so Ju87-G to an aerial combat in the F6 area. The poor P38 rider must have been supriced when he was jumped by a squad of hungry stukas... The second mission involved a sky full of red mosquitoes (suprice, suprice) sweeping fields. The mission sucked as it was supposed to... Later in the evening the fumed up pilots attended a weekend warrior scenario as squad "Überdunkens Scandinavians". The Ride of the Valkyrias was played with full volume all night long.


   Day 4 - Sunday 2nd July 2000

Midnight at the lake side Grendel after a heavy night of fighting Midnight or very very early morning The Scanian Griffins are leaving Con house at 08:00 am My is resting his eye lids

The last day of the convention opened up as sunny as all other days. It is way too hot already at 09:00 am... A rumour tells that the wedding last night was not very succesfull because they left a lot of unopened bottles to the beach, however the con goers were more than happy to fix the potential disaster and they finished all available liquids by 06:00am, mission accomplished.

Aino presenting a pilot seat Early morning sauna, Grendel enjoying the lake Korva is still having a laugh despite of the early morning Puujiikoo and zombie Day 4 - Vman and Zombie The operations room is quiet... ...but some insist on flying to the bitter end! Day 4 - Sun 2nd Jul 2000 Happy con goers having lunch on the way home

The story tells, that as some of us were heading home in their cars they had a sweaty and hot moments on the early miles of the way... Go figure... anyway, the VLeLv Icebreakers wishes to thank all participants and sponsors for a succesfull event! May the force be with you untill we see you all in the Mosquito Meeting '01!


   Networks and the online systems in the convention

The network administrator is checking the cabling
  Cables seem ok... What is this box for?
Our small network of WarBirds workstations is connected together with traditional thin ethernet (BNC). The gateway to Internet is a old 486/66 (the same as in MM98 and MM99) running Redhat Linux 2.0.34, equipped with one ethernet card and two passive ISDN cards, providing us maximum of 128kbps of bandwidth (we only had one 64k ISDN line in our use, as long as it lasted). If the full bandwidth is not required, the router can drop channels down on-the-fly without causing any disturbance to players. Even though Linux is doing masquerade to ensure that we need only one "real" IP-address from our ISP the 486/66 is running at about 5% cpu load.


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Photograph © copyrights Santtu Ahonen, Jukka Kauppinen, Olli Korjonen or Matti Yrjölä
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