Icebreakers - Mosquito Meeting '99

MM99 pavillion... What an ugly place, eh? Mosquito Meeting '99 in Lieksa Lieksa 1st - 4th July 1999
Mosquito Meeting '99
Online Reportage

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The fifth traditional Mosquito meeting is now open! You can find the online (well almost online) reportage in this page. We will be editing this page during the convention and you can share the experiences as well as some of the sights with us through this page. The MM99 invitation page is archived elsewhere.

  Day 1 - Thursday 1st July 1999

The MM99 was opened in a hectic panic mode as always. Fierce network building, cabeling and starting of workstations took most of the day. The weather could not have been better, wish you all were here!

  Day 2 - Friday 2nd July 1999

The second day on the convention started sunny and hot. Today we got the networking started so we are finally able to get online and e.g. update these pages. In addition to getting the network going on we got the acconts from iMOL in order to introduce the WB to a few newcomers too.
The Kuusamon Aavikkotorpedoeskadroona is trying to convince us that they in fact are not from Kuusamo... Do we care?

Many of the attendees have been arriving during the day, after all Lieksa is pretty far from everywhere (except from Russia). Today we have spent most of the day plainly playing HTH and preparing for the serious action later tonight.

As always, the serious action is not seen in the virtual skies (contrary to what was promised) but in the sauna and by the fire place. Serious eating and drinking with serrious faces... hah! As we can not control who (and what age) is viewing these pages we have disclosed the detailed sauna pictures at this stage. Lets see what we come up with tomorrow...

  Day 3 - Saturday 3rd July 1999

The morning started with a big thunder and lightning show. We were lucky to unplug the hardware in time... The sky went black and we saw plenty of lightning rolling over us. Thunder damage resulted one burned power supply, several thoroughly wet warbirders, downed ISDN router, a downed tent and the worst of all, dead telco lines. Naturally this will delay the online updates of these pages too...

Once the thunder went to Russia we fired up our engines and went back to the killing business as usual. Unfortunately the thunder knocked out our (and the whole county) ISDN lines for good... Intence HTH ladder competition was started and after some fierce duels, drinking and flying Cosmo was crowned as the MM99 Topgun! It must be more than luck since he won the MM98 ladder too.

The afternoon greeted us with yet another thunder storm, this time the only damage was Kaiz who took his motorcycle for a ride (baaaad choice) right before the storm... This took us to another session of manual IRC on the white board, what can a nerd do without electricity? See the wind effects in the attached thunder pictures!?

  Day 4 - Sunday 4th July 1999

The missing network did not stop us from putting up a major party that lasted from the Saturday evening untill the early hours of Sunday... This, however, led to a slowest possible startup in the morning, some where still idleing while some had already hit the road. Some of us had an event rich drive (or ride) back home, other just went home...

  MM99 Network Description:

Our small network of WarBirds workstations is connected together with traditional thin ethernet (BNC). The gateway to Internet is a old 486/66 (the same as n MM98) running Redhat Linux 2.0.34, equipped with one ethernet card and two passive ISDN cards, providing us maximum of 256kbps of bandwidth (we only had one 64k ISDN line in our use, as long as it lasted). If the full bandwidth is not required, the router can drop channels down on-the-fly without causing any disturbance to players. Even though Linux is doing masquerade to ensure that we need only one "real" IP-address from our ISP the 486/66 is running at about 5% cpu load.

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