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Even though we call this page a Rule Book or in Finnish yleinen palvelusohjesääntö it is rather a collection of guidelines and instructions for a succesfull squadnight for at best 20+ individualistic pilots. Following these instructions with the ICE Operations Manual (not available online, sorry) will enable the ICEBREAKERS e.g., to close and capture a field with less than 20 seconds from the first ordnance release.

Squad night behaviour

1 Tune your radio to squadron channel when arriving to squad night. The CO, XO or mission leader are only persons allowed to use CAPITALS in the squad channel. This way you'll recognize orders from chitchat easier.
2 When the CO shows up and starts the briefing by transmitting "GET YOUR ARSES THE FUCK DOWN" everyone who's not 1 min from landing bails out to attend the briefing. I think this is just common courtesy towards whoever is organising something. If you are worried about your score, don't take off in the first place but wait. 5 min is not going to hurt anyone. If you want instant action, do it on weekdays.
3 Pay attention to the SQ channel(s). It's rather easy when you're in the tower, which is where we will be during briefings from now on.
4 If possible do not spam the radio. Pay more attention to the SQ channel.
5 Obey your CO or designated flight leader (FL) promptly and without questioning his choices as regards the planeset, fuel, ammo etc, at least not on the SQ channel. These things are to be arranged beforehand, hopefully on the mailing list.
6 During briefings, do not clutter the channel with idle chat, but pay attention. When we're airborne to wreak havoc on the Golds, use the SQ channel for dirty jokes. This is to ease the pre-battle tension.
7 When the strike is over, the CO will give the remaining planes a 5 min window to return to base while he is AFK smoke. When the CO is back, he transmits "GET YOUR FAT ARSES THE FUCK DOWN FOR SECOND BRIEFING". See 2 for more information on how to react.

Using online speech tools such as Roger Wilco or TeamSound 2

Before you speak think if it could be written quicker. The message is often communicated better through the radio than by spamming the loudspeakers. Voice comm is stricly reserved for battle comms when under heat.

The order of speak is first the night CO, then wing leader and only the you, if the channel is free.

1 State whom you talk to.
2 Say your business - clearly but shortly. In other words, cut the crap, no bulshitting.
3 Signout by saying your callsign. Kind of like signature.

Roger Wilco is a tool by Resounding Inc.

Escort mission guidelines

Always know where the buffs are.

Never stray below the buffs and far enough not to catch them in a few seconds.

Never follow a bandit below the alt of buffs. If he goes for the deck, he sure as hell ain't a threat to them let alone you. Even if you know you can catch a diving bandit for a certain kill, DISENGAGE and pull up.

If there are bandits above and ahead of the buffs, attack, attack, attack. But still keep an eye on the buffs' six.

Shoot to wound, not to kill. Badly damaged plane isn't a danger, and it takes time from him to land, so there is one plane more which can't take part into battle.

I guess this can be summed up like this: a bandit lower than the buffs should be ignored. Get some alt instead, but keep an eye on that bastard just in case.

Commanding Officer

Guests attending the ICE Academy

Additionally to the guides and instructions stated above in this page here are some special comments for those attending the ICE Academy:

1 Be there in time to join the sq early enough.
2 Learn your self how to use the radio.
3 Learn your self how to take off, land and fly level below 100ft.
4 Have fun.



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