Icebreakers - Paris Air Races II

Paris Air Races II
Day: Sunday 29-Nov-98
Time: 21:00 Finland - 20:00 Sweden - 14:00 EST
Location: Special Events Euro Arena

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  Race results and story:

After a slight delay I managed to drag witz online to help as CM, thank you witz!!

Race 1, Dora, guns off

The race track was much harder than the tracks we have had before. In the first race the guns were not used. Only 3 pilots managed to land out of about 12 pilots attending the race?

Tension is raising! During the forming up for the start many were unloading ammo to lighten up the plane resulting many unintended but still successfull kills of other co-players. Boy what a pity.

The race is on and engines are running hot!

All pilots are still in the air! But soon they must pass the Arch...

The Arch got more kills in a few seconds than any other enemy in the WB history. Or so we think... Anyway, many players managed to splat red metal paint to the wall of the mighty structure. The kill ratio of the Arch raised far above the ratio of the tower, however the Arch had a slight advantage of being first in the track.

Dewe and vili are leading! Grendle must still pass under the tower but he is pushing it to the extreme limit.

Lart to a safe victory? not!

Dewe? not!

Grendel? No way!

But very stylish crashes by the whole top team!

Actually I forgot to write down who won.

Think bex won with mobo/krug/ibon or scania as second (only one of these managed to land but I don't remember who). And Vman as third!

Race 2, any 109, guns on after passing the Arch

Start of race 2. Hey, no F4U permitted. And get that Dora outta here, this is a race for real men!

Race towards the Arch. Guns are not yet permitted and the trigger fingers are touchy.

There is a wide variety of route selections, all of which seem to be the best. Lart has a slight endge on the other but StuBit and Grendl have already passed the Arch!

Around we go. Vili and Lart fighting for the lead.

Suprisingly there was very little fighting going on during the race 2 even thought the guns were permitted on. Maybe the payers were just too busy fighting trough the obstacles that they did not have a proper time to shoot at each other? Well, some did but...

Vili lands first and wins!

Kruger second, lart third, then stubit, scania and vman! All the other managed to crash or were wacked out of the sky by the fellow race mates.

Race 3, any plane, guns on after the Arch!

Line up for race 3! What is it with all these 109, plane is free, don't take 109, take a good plane :-) . And who is the dweeb with that 262 there??? My god...

Watch vili in his me-262, he is last to take off.

Guns are on guys, you are supposed to shoot, not race!

Ibon leads, lart and then stubit!

But now vili has got his 262 up to speed! Think he killed lart also and 2 or 3 more.

Stubit wins, bex second and vman third.

Hope it was fun, I'm waiting for you to organise the next race so I can race again!

Stef / 981130

StuBit edited the text and the pictures a little too...


  Pre race briefing - Order of races:

Field Overview (9558 bytes) Pass all points in the map(s):

First race is a 'normal' race, i.e. you are not allowed to shoot other fliers and all get a chance to learn the race track.

Over view of the race track (14971 bytes)

  Pre race briefing - Rules and conditions:

Start is on F15, everyone have to taxi to behind the start line. Wheels can not touch the runway or the imagined start line (see the start line on picture right).

Fuel and ammo loads (rockets?) are free, ammo dumping (to save weight) is OK in all of the races.

The path on the map is to help you to locate the turning points, not an exact line you must follow. Only the turning points, their order and direction is important. When the second race starts with guns on you might want to take a slight detoure to meet or avoid to come close to your squad mates(?).

If you crash you are out! If you ditch you can take a new plane up (and vulch landers?? :-) ) but you must start from beginnning on the track and pass all points again, if someone has passed the Arch you can just start in any direction from field if not you wait OTR or taxi, i.e. I do not want anyone wating to take off until the fight is over and then win, you are supposed to fly, not do a tactical ditch!

  Pre race briefing - Tips and further information:

One tip is to test fly the race track in advance so that you know your way around it ( and through it).

Anyone want to bet on how many that will crash against the Arch in the first race??

If you have any rules questions email Stef or the list.

The reports from the previous airraces, in London, Paris (rules, results) and Berlin might be of help, please read it (in Swedish sorry ). Icebreakers




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